Aditya Ambasth


Improvised architecture for Distributed Web Crawling


Web crawlers are program, designed to fetch web pages for information retrieval system. Crawlers facilitate this process by following hyperlinks in web pages to automatically download new or update existing web pages in the repository.A web crawler interacts with millions of hosts, fetches millions of page per second and updates these pages into a database, creating a need for maintaining I/O performance,network resources within OS limit, which are essential in order to achieve high performance at a reasonable cost.Read More

This scalable web crawling system, addressing challenges whichdeals with issues related to the structure of the web, distributed computing, job scheduling, spider traps, canonicalizing URLs and inconsistent data formats on the web. A brief discussion on new web crawler architecture is done in this paper.Read Less

Gesture conversion to speech: A Communication Module for speech impaired


About 8% of India’s population is multiply disabled of which major sections constitute of women due to lower literacy rate, social factors and lower grade health facilities. In this paper we review a few existing models to aid people with speech disability. Further we explore a novel approach based on gesture recognition to mitigate few shortcomings described above. Read More

Finally we give a solution which will address most of the problems enumerated in this paper to help the speech disabled people living in developing nations to uplift their daily living and also become economically independent which would in turn help the overall development of the nation.Read Less

Li-fi based data storage device


We here intend to develop an external portable wireless data storage hard-drive as an interfacing device with other secondary storage present in laptop or desktop. Thereby attaining lightning fast data transfer at speeds, when compared to present day external hard drives. Read More

Using fast switching LED’s to transfer electronic data that can be written wirelessly, instead of trivial electronically transferred files through low speed existing wireless standards such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. Read Less

Smart Shopping Cart: A novel approach in Supermarket Shopping


In this paper we describe a novel approach to shopping using the classic shopping cart with few modifications to the same. The need for a new approach arises from the dissatisfaction of customers due to cumbersome experience during shopping. Shopping in supermarket can be eased by using a smart device with front camera attached to the cart to read the barcode of the product. Read More

To ensure security and reliability, a few modifications have been introduced to the cart and a recharge system for the payment has been proposed. A Java based application was developed to test the proposed method and cart modeling was done incorporating the changes. This method proves to provide a better shopping experience to the user and also increase productivity and profitability at the supermarket. Read Less