Aditya Ambasth

Student in Chennai, India

Back in the year of 2k, when desktop computer was making its way in our society. I was fortunate to get my hands on the Pentium-4 version of it. Thanks to my tech savvy father for his knack of lore towards this magical instrument. Tunneling almost 16 years from then, I completed my undergraduate in Computer Science and engg and realizing my childhood dream.

During my undergrad, I picked academic courses related to Computer Networks, Operating system, Software development and many others. Where I started researching and getting my hands-on, on variety of new tools through group and individual projects. Natural Language Processing and Information retrieval web systems turned out to be more intriguing to me. It opened the doors to assistive technologies, linguistic challenges and data corpuses on one hand. Sequentially, giving me the insights of building Search Engines and its multifactor components. Working on large data sets became fun and equally challenging. To know more, read through my experience section.

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